10 for 10 with Poison Pen Ep. 1

Poison Pen (PP): What's your real name and where are you from?

TPBraves (TP): My legal name is Joel and I'm from Florida 

PP: How did you become part of FGC?

TP: Four years ago I joined the FGC NBA league (FBA). I had the Washington Wizards. First FFL league I played with FGC was on Madden NFL 10.  Term 3000 who is now a commissioner of FFL and Darkimpact aka Byron got me in as well as Yan.

PP: So how did you start gaming?

TP: I picked up a Super Nintendo controller at the age of 5 and went up from there. I started playing Madden for money as a kid growing up in the neighborhood.

PP: What's your favorite game?

TP: Madden for sure but followed closely by NBA 2K

PP:  What do you think of the FFL? What team are you and why?

TP: I enjoy the competition of FFL and the group of guys are like a family I haven't met. I'm the Jacksonville Jaguars because it's my hometown team so I stick with them all the way.

PP: You have been in FGC for a number of years now so who are your main rivals in FFL and why?

TP: I would say Gil Chapo aka Chop. We've been in the same division two years in a row now. Keeps it fun.

PP:  There were some interesting smack talk for your week 1 game. How did that go and what do you think of your opponent for that game?

TP: Talking smack is part of playing Madden. I'm ultra competitive on the sticks so I like to get in my opponents head. I think it went well, my week one opponent WAS a clown man.  He likes to think that he is great but will constantly take that L. I wish him the best but I don’t see him around much longer.   

PP: We shall not mention any names here LOL. OK, in no particular order and excluding yourself, who do you think are the TOP 5 gamers in FFL this year?

TP: Now these gamers I'm naming is because of consistency and game play. I'm going to go with Mazzman, Term, Chop, Jig and Darkimpact.

PP: Shade time. How about the BOTTOM 5?

TP: Now these guys I like because they play their games no matter the outcome and always have good spirits. These guys are Balla, Shane aka KoreanPoundTown, Strike, Peckin and last but not least Dueke.

PP: You can refuse to answer this one but then I won't send this to print (joking). So....... with that said who are your favorite admins at FGC and why?

TP: This is a tough one. I can't pick sides here so if I had to go with anyone I'm going to have to say I enjoy all these guys. They run a tight ship keep us active and make sure MOST things are handled fair. 

PP: I know it's only supposed to be 10 question but you did so well you get a Bonus Question. Trump or Hillary?

TP: Trump #makeamericagreatagain 

PP: Thanks TP for your time and we will see you guys next time on 10 for 10 with Poison Pen.

PS If you would like to participate in a future episode of 10 for 10, let any admin know and we will consider you.