Let's Get A Update!

First off with rules, there has been fuss over the new 33% rule for receptions by pass catchers being wide receivers, tight ends, and running backs. If you have any question with that please see your commissioner Term 3000 or fuckboi if you let long time member MazzMan tell it, lol. Second, I would like to update the Furious Gaming Vault with a few new entries. We are now in Season 4 of FFL for 2016 and things are moving along well with games and a drama filled slack app. We all know Chopstar won Season 1. The Season 2 title went to Savage as the Eagles and Season 3 title went to the better Canadian, Byron aka DarkImpact as the Cardinals.

We also have some new blood in the league. A Dub took over the Philadelphia Eagles for Savage. Longtime member Vic aka GIL Yacant C Me is back with the Detroit Lions taking over for Peak and we also welcome Ethan as the Browns now known as the London Monarchs.

We are heading into the holidays and we would like to thank everyone for keeping the Furious Football League (FFL) moving and being active as possible. We also have 20 or so teams in our NBA draft league which started last month and is currently in its 2nd Season. If you play NBA 2k and interested in a keeper style NBA league make sure you contact any admin. We will also have a new 10 for 10 with Poison Pen coming soon so look out for that.

Happy Holidays!