FFL Madden 18 NFC Preview

FFL 2018 Preview NFC Edition

Written By: TpBraves

Edited By: Furious Jig

Season 1 is coming up on us soon and with that let’s begins our deep dive into our NFC divisions.

Let’s begin with the NFC North.

Green Bay Packers - Led by Dueke who is a long time FGC member and finally back with his home town team. The Packers look to be a strong pick to win the division with Aaron Rodgers and WR Randall Cobb leading the offense.  Look for Dueke to make a push and finish second in the division.

Minnesota Vikings - My top pick to win the division with new owner Chopstar who is a long time AFC member takes his reign of terror back to the purple people eaters and looks to once again dominate the NFC.  The Vikings are a strong team led by rookie Dalvin Cook and WR Stephon Diggs the offense should be nasty let’s hope they can figure out the QB controversy. Look for Bridgewater to get the nod here and look for the Vikings to finish on top the division and the 2nd seed in the NFC playoffs.

Detroit Lions - The motor city has longed for a championship contender and with QB Matthew Stafford newly signed to a monster deal, a revamped defense with rookies Jarrod Davis and Teez Tabor look for the Lions to make a playoff push in season 2. New owner Spoolinjerk is a rookie to FGC but looks to turn stuff around in Detroit and eventually take the North title by season two but I have the Lions finishing third in the division.

Chicago Bears - The windy city has been on the bottom side of the division for multiple years and with long time vet and always a safe bet on a top ten pick "dodge" look for the Bears to stay at the bottom for majority of the franchise. Alshon Jeffrey was a smart man to get away from chi-town even with rookie QB Mitch Trubisky. I still believe this team will suffer from poor ownership. Chicago stay strong next madden may be yours .

Let’s now look into the NFC South.

Atlanta Falcons - DNA Striker looks to take this team to the playoffs and with a weak division I believe he is the front runner for the top spot in the south. This team led by WR Julio Jones and QB Matt Ryan plus a young stout defense. Look for DNA to be better this year as this is his second year in the FGV. Falcons look to be a strong contender for a long playoff run.

New Orleans Saints - Veteran QB Drew Brees looks to have this franchise back on top where they once were. This team may be weak but owner rykno who last madden made it to the final super bowl only to fall short in his quest to greatness.  Looks to battle for the number one spot in the south. Given that his team is not up to par with the falcons I see him 2nd in the division and a potential 6th seed.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Longtime owner Waffletacos has a new team, new internet, and also in a new country this young team looks to follow their owner and have a new outcome this season with a good young offensive core. Led by QB Jameis Winston a former champion at Florida State and long time winner looks to turn this team around.  Winston is surrounded by talent with WRs Mike Evans and DJAX who should make this a top ten offense. Stick skills are key in Madden and I believe waffletacos falls short in that department so I look for him to finish third here and push rykno to be better.

Carolina Panthers - Old man Yankee takes over a Panthers team that once was in a super bowl.  This team has rarely had a good owner and I think even Yankee cheese can’t save him in this division. Cam Newton looks to be hindered by subpar stick skill and bad decisions should continue in Carolina. Even with the best MLB in the league this defense won’t crack the top 20. Sorry to say that this team should look to fight for the third spot every season and be a continuous top 15 pick.

NFC West is probably the worst division in the NFC so let’s take a closer look.

Seattle Seahawks - Longtime owner Wayneo enjoys being in this division and always is a threat to win 8 games. Look for Wayneo to benefit from a division who doesn’t want to win at least in season one. Even with the 3 time super bowl champ in Madden 17 in his division Wayneo will likely win this division by a landslide due to some teambuilding that will take place elsewhere in the division. Look for Wayneo to be in the playoffs and hopefully not a one and done team.

San Francisco 49ers - New owner Goose isn’t the only new piece in the golden city with new head coach Kyle Shanahan looks to be like his father and become a proven winner.  New GM John Lynch looks to show that his mean tough playing style can transfer to the front office. This young team should be strong in future years and in the weakest division I see them as the number two team in this division and a playoff contender. I’m excited to see what this new owner can do here.

Arizona Cardinals - Led by previous 3 time super bowl champion Blevins aka paulsanders the cardinals look to get back to the big dance. Other owners around the league are calling Blevins a fluke but with his team full of potential he should be a safe bet to win at least one more title in Arizona. Now based off his beliefs he won’t look to contend early in the franchise but by season 3 should make a push for the bowl.

Los Angeles Rams - Another FGC Founder (Furious Jig being the other) and website builder Furious bEz aka EZ looks to dig this team out of the gutter. Always a safe bet for last in his division I think he benefits from a weak division and finishes third. Young QB Goff hopes to stay in LA this year after being shipped out last Madden by a practice squad drop.  This Rams team should be a top 10 pick season one. Now I believe in EZ and think he can turn it around in LA if he keeps his emotions in check and doesn’t ship his best players out should be good in 3-4 years.

Now the NFC east is probably the most interesting division in the NFC so let’s look at them.

Dallas Cowboys - Home town owner Itz Peckin aka Peckin looks to dominate the east with his stout offensive line and nasty combo of Elliot and Prescott. With a new baby will life get in the way for peckin or will he be able to contend early in this franchise. Normally a safe bet for a good draft pick I think Peckin can battle for the number one spot and a spot in the playoffs. My guess the cowboys finish 1st in the division.

Philadelphia Eagles - The city of brotherly love and a huge football city the Eagles led by owner Dbxragincayenne look to be in good shape to battle for a playoff spot year in and year out. Young QB Wentz now has a top WR Alshon Jeffrey to throw to so this offense should be in the top ten. If the secondary can find its way this team can be very scary.

Washington Redskins - Owner Cokills who has been around the FGC for a long while seems to enjoy being a bottom feeder since you never see him make a push. This Redskins team doesn’t look exciting. OK QB Cousins can only do so much with a ok defense this team probably won’t do much and with Cokills not known for the stick skills this team should stay at the bottom. I have them dead last in the division.

New York Giants - Longtime Giants fan Strike looks to continue throwing the ball deep to ODB. Old QB Eli is a Manning after all and can’t never count him out but this being Madden I see this team in third place. Bad decisions and poor defense ability, Strike looks to keep the chuck and pray alive in New York. I wish the best for this NY franchise but I feel they have reached the ceiling here.

Now that we have went through the divisions. Let’s do one final pick which is my super bowl pick of Vikings vs Chargers with Chargers coming out on top 28-14. Keep a watch on my sleeper roo 23 who could possibly be something special in Tennessee. Let's have a great season!