FFL Madden 18 AFC Preview

FFL Preview AFC Edition By TPBraves

Edited By Furious Jig

We will begin our AFC preview with the AFC East.

Buffalo Bills - Rookie owner GoodBrova takes over a Buffalo team that has been given a weak team to begin with. QB Tyrod Taylor doesn’t look to be the answer and without a go to receiver.  Look for this team to lean on Shady McCoy and the defense. I don’t expect much from this team but I also have no idea what GoodBrova can do on the sticks. With a division full of new comers this will be a tough division to predict.  I still see the bills third in division.

Miami Dolphins - A site admin and longtime owner Benny Smallz looks to lead this team to the promise land. With a new job I’m not sure he will have much time to compete in this league. Gifted with a strong run game led by Jay Ajayi this team should do well if he finds time to play his games. I think this team can be a top team in the east but with a division full of new comers again I’m not so sure about this one.

New England Patriots - Always a strong team in Madden and never on top of any ones list to play with this pats team has plenty of weapons. After adding Brandin Cooks and S. Gilmore in the offseason and still with the GOAT Tom Brady this team can easily win the division. New owner bgolden83 looks to make his mark in FGC and as a fan of the team already look for him to take pride in his games. Whether this team keeps Brady or goes with Jimmy G, they will always be a contender with the strong team they have so my prediction is this team finishes second as long as the dolphins can stay active.

New York Jets - FGC welcomes back Saluki after some time off. This man looks to take over arguably the worst team in the league and I expect this team to be last for at least a few years but saluki does have some stick skills so he can probably make a push in 3 years. With some young assets the Jets should look to rebuild quickly they must start with a QB though.

AFC North always a top division in the FGC with 3 teams who will probably going to fight for 1st place so let’s take a look.

Cincinnati Bengals - Malice looks to battle for the top spot with the fastest WR in the game John Ross. I’m sure there will be some deep ball magic in Cincy. RB Joe Mixon is sneaky good and probably gets the nod as week one starter. Can the red rocket finally lead his team to the big dance or will this Bengals team suffer from a tough division. My money is on the Bengals finishing last due to the tough teams he will be facing.

Baltimore Ravens- A long way from greatness this team needs help.  FGC founder Furious Jig looks to rebuild here in Baltimore. This team who use to be known for their stout defense needs a lot of help on that side of the ball I think. With an aging team with one bright spot being Mosley hopes to hit again in the draft. I see this team as 2nd in the division year one but look for them to push coming following years. Jig always a threat and looks to get over his hump and make it back to the bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers - Try hard commissioner Term 3000 continues here as the owner.  A former Super Bowl champion he looks to make it back after last year not being able to seal the deal. This team is led by outstanding RB Leveon Bell and shifty WR Antonio Brown should be on top season one.  I see them as a favorite to make it to the Super Bowl. Needing a few pieces in the secondary so if they find the right pieces they can be scary for multiple years

Cleveland Browns - Second year owner Ethan is set for success with this young Browns team. Probably the best franchise team in madden this Browns team if developed right can be really good. Defensive end Myles Garret who was the 1st overall pick looks to wreck opposing offensive lines and QBs for years to come. I think this team finishes third this season but give them 3 years they could be a Super Bowl contender.

AFC West - With possibly our best owner in this division so let’s take a look.

Los Angeles Chargers - This team needs help if you look at the depth chart but owner and commissioner Mazzman looks to continue his reign in LA. Arguably the best owner in the AFC and the league he is tied with one other owner Blevins for most super bowl wins in the past two maddens. Can he make it back to the big dance this season or will he be hindered by a subpar team? My favorite to win the division and possibly the first super bowl this should be interesting.

Oakland Raiders - Owner Casp looks to continue his feud with Mazz in the west. These two always battle it out for the top spot every season and with Casp starting off with the better team he may push Mazz. Season two I think this team can be special but I have also seen Casp choke in big games so if he can get that under control he should be able to make it back to the super bowl like he did two years ago.

Kansas City Chiefs - Longtime owner Big June has some new weapons in QB Mahomes and WR Hill but can those two lead this team past the 3rd seed in the division or will his stick skills keep him at 3. This division does have a new owner for the Broncos so I am picking June to finish dead last here in this division.

Denver Broncos - New owner x xcam newtonx aka Kobe looks to make his mark in the AFC. Not knowing much about this owner all I can speak on is the team. This Broncos team still has a nasty defense and a young QB in Lynch who i think will be a superstar in this league. Look for Von Miller to continue his reign as the best edge rusher this is my sleeper team though so let’s see what they can do.

AFC South - The division that is full of new comers let’s take a look.

Indianapolis Colts - New owner Oreo is rumored to be pretty good at Madden but he will have to prove himself here in FGC before given any credit. Starting with a weak team it is going to be tough to win a lot of games for Indy, but superstar QB Andrew Luck looks to lead this team to the second seed.

Houston Texans - Another newcomer in Kavious looks to prove he can hold his own in this league. Again a guy i know nothing about could potentially win the division. Given a team with the best defensive front line with JJ Watt and Clowney on the edge they look to wreck O-Lines all franchise long. I see the Texans battling for the second spot but falling short with a rookie QB.

Tennessee Titans - Owner roo 23 who was brought to the league by Mazzman is a good pick to be a sleeper here in FGC. This Titans team is stacked on offense with QB Mariotta and the two headed monster of RB D. Murray and former Heisman trophy winner D. Henry look to lead the league in rushing. Let’s see what they can do.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Owner TPBraves looks to continue where he left off as the last super bowl winner in Madden 17. With a young defense led by DB Jalen Ramsey and LB Myles Jack look for this defense to be in the top 5. Only worry is can QB Blake Bortles stop turning the ball over, look for this team to hand the ball off to rookie work horse Leonard Fournette who some Madden guys call the animation god. Obviously my favorite to win the division look for this team to try and continue the greatness in Jacksonville.

That is it for the AFC. Up next I will weigh in on the NFC. Stay Tuned......