Game Scheduling and League Advancement.

  1. FFL will advance every 48 hours for regular season and 24 hours during playoffs at 11PM EST, or at the discretion of the commissioner if all games are played or some need to be simulated. 
  2. Games must be started no later than 10:30PM EST of advance day to not be simulated. 
  3. Games must be scheduled via Slack (Madden Scheduling Channel) App so the commissioners can see whose attempting to schedule their games.

You will have 24 hours from advance to schedule that weeks game. Commissioners will use this channel to determine winners for any unplayed match-ups.

• Trades via Tradewinds (TRADEWINDS is the FGC APP via http://furiousgaming.net/rr/ffl/trade used to post and accept trades)

  1. Teams are limited to 4 trades a year. 
  2. 5 assets is the max amount allowed in one trade. No more than 3 players can be in one trade 
  3. If over 5 assets are in a trade it must count as 2 separate trades. 
  4. Trades cannot be put through on the game until approval via tradewinds.
  5. Approval is completed by Administrators            Commissioners:
            • Furious Jig                    Term 3000
            • Biggtyme13                   Mazzman56
            • Furious bEz

TRADE RULES: The remainder of the past season trades will carry over to the off-season. Meaning your remaining trades will be added to your 4 next season trades and that will be the total off-season trades you can make. Any unused trades will expire at the beginning of the preseason. You can only carry over the 4 trades for the upcoming season.

Draft Day Trades (CHANGE)

  • DRAFT DAY TRADES will mean just that now. Trades done in the off-season and during the draft, that DO NOT include players, are considered draft day trades only. These trades are unlimited during the off-season and will not count against team trade totals.

• Free Agency (non off-season) NOTE #3 a) Free Agency during the season will be first come first serve. b) Free Agents can be signed at any time b) *The first free agency period of the franchise will be a done via draft. This will be for PLAYERS AND STAFF. You will receive punishment if you sign a player that has been drafted in the season 1 Free Agency. Once the drafting period is over, it will become first come first serve and remain that way for the duration of the franchise.

Off-Season (open to being changed each offseason)

Off-season will be completed in one night following this schedule:

  1. END of SB – 7:00pm day of scheduled Off-season 
  2. TBD Free Agent Bidding 
  3. TBD Free Agent Bidding to finish 
  4. TBD Draft (DRAFT will only be 5 rounds a season)

After the draft the four pre-season weeks will be simulated every 10 minutes with injuries off to allowed for game prep. After pre-season the season will start and Week 1 games can be played immediately.

FGC Furious Football League (FFL)  in game rules:

Hurry Up Offense

  • Hurry up can only be used under 3:00 left in the half.


  • You are allowed to do one (1) a game of each:
    • One Punt + One FG -
    NEVER TWO Punts or TWO FGs
    • You cannot attempt a Fake FG on "your side" of the field (Goal - 50ydl) 

  • 4th DOWN Play Calling
    • Allowed to go for it anytime down by (9) or more in the 4th Qtr.
    • OTHERWISE, use the following guidelines: (See chart above)

Free Agency

During offseason free agency any player who is 80+ ovr and is under the age of 30 MUST be signed to a multi-year deal. If you are found to have signed a player to a 1 year deal, who fits aforementioned mold, you will be forced to cut them and will not be allowed to sign them back. As well as not being given funds back or have your cap cleared.

If this carries over into the preseason then once the player has been cut everyone else in the league will send their bid to an admin and the player will be awarded to best bid.


The use of playmaker is not allowed


-Allowed anytime down by (9) or more in the 4th Qtr. -Allowed anytime down under 3:30 minutes of the 4th Qtr. 
Squib Kick 
Squib kicks are allowed at any time, but if the kicking team recovers by a glitch that causing the receiving team not to chase the ball, the ball must immediately be returned to the other team.


-You MUST use the automatic LINE shifts to move your Defensive linemen. You are able to freely move the Defensive lineman after-snap. -You can move any other player manually before and after snap.


-You may not play a HB at FB nor use a Pre-Play Package moving a HB to FB. You may not change the position of anyone listed as a HB to FB at any point as well. A HB may never line up at the FB position for any reason when under center.

-You can change the position of a WR to TE only if they have a weight of 235 or higher
-You can sub any player within their position (Line, Linebacker, Defensive Back)
-You cannot manually put WR at DB's, if its automatic due to stamina then there's no penalty. 
-Tight ends can be Wide Receivers (WR cannot be TE)
-Running Backs can be Wide Receivers only in packages and not on the depth chart. 
-Allowed to make substitutions anytime during the game. Please limit excessive pausing.

-You are not allowed to swap players around to extreme positions in order to abuse the XP sliders for training at all

-Secondary players may only be moved to LB if they have a weight of 220 or higher

Stat Whoring/Padding of single player (Video evidence required)

If an owner is found guilty of stat whoring a player in a game, they will be forced to remove them from their depth chart for training and will not be allowed to focus train them for the following weeks of punishment listed below:

  • 1st offense: 2 game suspension of player
  • 2nd offense: 4 game suspension of player
  • 3rd offense: 6 game suspension of player and loss of development
  • 4th offense: Year long suspension of player and loss of development
  • 5th offense: Indefinite suspension and player changed to slow development

Running up the score in general (Video evidence required)

If you pass excessively up 4+ scores late in the 4th or run a play at all when you have the ability to kneel the game out you will be guilty of this. You should also attempt to run the ball at a high rate even in the 3rd quarter if you are up a significant amount of points (example being 7-45). If you run the score up on someone you will receive the following punishment:

  • 1st offense: loss of 3rd round pick
  • 2nd offense: loss of 2nd round pick
  • 3rd offense: loss of 1st round pick
  • 4th offense: removed from the league

                                    Chart to know when you can kneel-out the game:

Catch Rule

No single player may have more than half(50%) of your teams total completions as catches. We will enforce this rule every 4 games of the season with escalating penalties for a failed check. If you fail the first check the player will be suspended for said game, and a warning. If you fail the second check you will receive the suspension for 2 games. If you fail the third check you will receive the suspension for 3 games. If you fail the final check you will receive a 4 game suspension for next season. Sims will not count towards this rule.

Each check is a set penalty, you do not accrue strikes. If you fail only one check the penalty you receive is dependent on the established punishment FOR THAT SPECIFIC CHECK. We reserve the right to change punishments based on circumstances of each unique situation.

Disconnect with agreement: If both players agree to terms then that is what happens

Disconnect with proof: If you and your opponent disconnect and you have video proof of the state of the game when said disconnection happens then that scenario will be played out in the restart as best as possible even if the other party does not agree to do so. 
Example: Term and Ben disconnect with 2:34 left in the 3rd quarter with ben having possession of the ball on term’s 24 yard line up by 7.

When they start the new game, term will let ben score once to have a 7 point lead and then they will run clock and set ben up on term’s 24 yard line as close to 2:34 left in the first quarter since you are simulating a half. On completion of that half ben and term will quit out of the game and report who will receive the sim win.

Disconnect without proof: If you disconnect and you and your opponent cannot come to a gentlemen agreement regarding the status of the game – here is the outline you will follow: Quarter One Disconnect: Replay the game, spot the points that were acquired. If only ONE drive has happened by ONE team, then you will spot the points and have the team, which kicked the ball in the DC’d game, kick the ball again. The other team will get their points and the game will resume. Quarter Two Disconnect: Same rules apply to the 2nd quarter as does the first, minus the kickoff. Quarter Three Disconnect: The first half was in the books, the score is what the score was. You will play (1) half and then add the points together with the winning team receiving the victory. The game will then be SIMMED by the admins with the victor getting their W. If points have been acquired in this half when the DC happens, Points will be added to the total points scored and game will be played. The same Kickoff/Receive rule applies. If team A received in the first half, and kicked in the 2nd half. Team B scored opening possession and it DC’d shortly after they kicked off. The points acquired by Team B will be added and Team A will receive the ball at the (1) HALF restart. Quarter Four Disconnect: Down 21 or More and the losing team disconnects, the game was over and you will not got a replay. Down 21 or More and the winning team disconnects, you will play 1 with situations mirroring that of the disconnected quarter. If score is closer, you will imitate that spot in the game and play it out, adding the points up from the disconnected game and tallying them this way. Suggestion is to work out a consensus among owners and BOTH must agree to it. Otherwise, this is a general guideline that will be enforced

Quitting: IF you blatantly quit the game, you will receive a LOSS for that week and the same punishment for rule breakers which is highlighted below:

Punishment for quitting a game:

  • 1st Offense: 1 Week AP, and forfeit 2nd Round Pick 
  • 2nd Offense: 2 Week AP, and forfeit 1st Round Pick 
  • 3rd Offense: Termination from league

When it comes to breaking rules, Video proof MUST BE PROVIDED. Everyone has the ability to tell the Kinect “Xbox Record” or they can Twitch Stream. Without video proof, your case will not be heard

Playoff streaming:

playoff games should be streamed by the home team, if both parties agree to the away team streaming then that is also acceptable.

Sim Games:

You will not be allowed to play the cpu, games that are forces must be simmed

Chewing Clock:

You are only allowed to turn the chew clock function on in the last 3 minutes of the half. Furthermore you are not allowed to let the play clock run under 10 seconds before that time frame on a consistent basis, you must attempt to get plays off in a reasonable amount of time.

Rushing Players:

You must rush at least 3 people at all times!  The only exception to this rule is when the offense is in a 5 wide set, with no player lined up in the backfield with the quarterback.  If the offense is in a 5 wide set then you are allowed to rush 2 players with the third player set as a spy.  This rule will be waived on the last play of either half if the situation calls for a hail mary. Each case will be reviewed and punishment handed out on a case by case basis, we can and will use whatever we see fit as a fair punishment for each individual case.

Name Changing:

You may not change existing players names at all. Created rookie players are allowed to have their name changed a single time in their first season, the name cannot be derogatory or childish in any way. Admins reserve the right to change any name at any time if we see that it is unfit to have in the league, if this occurs the name we give them is permanent.

Formation/Plays Banned:

Monster and Monster Stack formations are banned

If you use the formation you will be forced to instantly punt. If you score using it you will be forced to allow the other player to score on his next play and then give him the ball back immediately after that as well.

Speed Restriction:

You may not increase the speed rating of any player past the highest speed rating of that players position, with WR and CB being the only groups that are tied together.

    QB: 88

    HB: 96

    FB: 88

    WR/CB: 98

    TE: 90

    LB: 90

    Dline: 88
    If you move any player to a new position and their speed exceeds that positions max rating, they will have their speed dropped to match that positions cap and will not be raised back even if you choose to move him back at a later date. Once they are changed it is set, unless they are moved to another position again and have to be dropped again.

We Reserve the right to make any form of changes to the rules and punishments for any given case.

By joining this league, you agree to abide by the rules.