Episode 2 - DNA Striker

What’s your real name, how old are you, and where are you from?

Drake Nicholas Acevedo, (that's where I get the DNA from) I'm 22, I'll be 23 in about a month and I’m from Lafayette, Louisiana.

How did you become part of FGC?

My buddy DBxRagin said he had a really legit league that id enjoy and added me to the FaceBook group.

How did you start gaming?

I remember my dad and uncles playing Super Nintendo back in the day, so I've been around it my entire life. Started with the N64 and got every Xbox on their day one drops.

What’s your favorite game?

My favorite game all time is Rainbow Six Vegas, it got me into online gaming and FPS's, I play ESL/MLG game battles on RB6 Siege though, so keeping the RB6 flowing through my gaming veins.

What do you think of the FFL? What team are you and why?

I actually really enjoy it; it has a great mix of shit talkers and really good competition. I picked the Falcons and mainly because I'm a diehard Falcons fan. I wouldn't want to ball with any other team.

Other than yourself who do think will win the NFC?

I'd have to say from whom I have played and watched the Eagles and Panthers have solid squads. I say the Panthers mainly because of Antonio Brown. Dude doesn't drop the damn ball. Pretty annoying actually, lol

You came right in and started trading like you’ve been here already, any reason for that?

That's just the type of person I am, I’m obnoxious and I can be pretty loud, not shy at all, it's what makes me a good salesman (my day job), and I know exactly what my team needed so I went out and pushed for those players that fit my scheme.

What are you short term and long term goals this FFL CFM?

Short term, build the team I have my mind set on, won't be a pretty first 2 seasons but Rome wasn't built in one day. Long term I hope to win a ring. It would be bitter sweet winning a ring with my dirty birds, that and I'd like to be a part of this franchise for years (and Maddens) to come. I’m very active and I play by the rules so I don't think I'll get booted.... fingers crossed.

Who is your favorite admin at FGC and why?

I wouldn't say I have a favorite admin. Since I'm fairly new I'm still trying to read and decipher you guys. I haven't had any big issues with any of them either.... beside Jig with the Trufant reminders lol.

Trump or Hillary?

NEITHER. I’m voting Gary Johnson #VoteThirdParty i was a political science major when I was attending college and I've been into politics from a super young age. My mom always told me not to discuss religion or politics with anyone because I'm very opinionated and I'll upset some folks.